Case Studies

Creative Concepts
1500 Georgia Road Building A
Irondale, AL 35210

Client Quote: Smart Sourcing earned our trust very fast with their high level of product knowledge and customer service. They made outsourcing to China easy and worked with us to develop new products to expand our business. We were specifically happy with the innovative packaging they recommended which was both cost effective and a great red sox jerseys marketing tool. We recommend Smart Sourcing as a highly reliable outsourcing partner
Creative Concepts is a leading manufacturer of Interactive Candy Dispensing Systems. Their product line includes dispensing machines, candy, tubes and tops, party packs, and other creative candy products.

Business Climate: The foodservice and candy industry is highly competitive and becoming increasingly price driven. The Company was already outsourcing component parts direct to China, but was unhappy with the quality and lack of communication.


Improve product quality while maintaining low costs
Focus on product design and development to expand the business
Locate a full service outsourcing partner
Outsourcing Services Provided:

Product design and manufacturing engineering
Injection molding, blow molding, assembly, extrusion, ultrasonic sealing
Packaging design and delivery
Value Created:

Smart Sourcing assigned a US based project engineer to handle their account, taking away the headache of dealing with a foreign entity.
To maximize quality control, Smart Sourcing established a minimum of 3 checkpoints for inspection: (1) China factory (2) China office (3) New York office.
After starting with a single machined component, Smart Sourcing became an efficient source of components for interactive candy dispensing units and packaging.